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Paolo Pastorino

Paolo Pastorino is an artist from Savona with an unusual path: he studies engineering and establishes himself in the world of entrepreneurship, but has grown and breathed art since he was born. His mother is in fact a painter and his father a well-known ceramist. The boy’s creative nature is immediately fueled by the stimulating climate of Albissola, where artists love to exhibit and work in the streets of the village. In particular, contact with Sabatelli leads Pastorino to recognize art as a fantastic narrative, a crazy and engaging exploration.

The ironic imagination and technical experience mature in Paolo in parallel, thanks to the stimulating contacts with several illustrious sculptors. This explains the richness of the artist’s language, which casually ranges from traditional artistic environments to contemporary platforms for design, innovation and advertising graphics.

Pastorino quickly established himself on the national scene, to date he can boast important achievements. For this reason it is not uncommon to find it in the laboratories of well-known Ligurian potters, as much as in the most innovative Italian galleries.

Recognizing his works is easy, his is an unmistakable work. Specifically, these are forms that combine ancient ceramic processing with contemporary mythology. Pastorino uses the term Pop-Surrealist to describe his “colored toys”: complex works that develop as a spontaneous consequence of a deep research. This results in aesthetically perfect surfaces, where lightness and awareness meet to seduce the viewer,
attracting it in bright colors and kitschy preciousness. His latest series of sculptural works with the name “Osvaldo” and ironic charm, represent the means by which Paolo tries to bring the observer to a childlike state where everything was discovery and amazement, the works made in precious white ceramic are then decorated with avant-garde techniques of chemical processes where the final result captivates the eye for the reflective colors.